I want to start this article off with two questions that I struggle to answer:

To give some background, I was born to a white English father and a black Jamaican mother. For the first 15 years of my life, I lived with my mother. Up until now, I live with my father. I refuse to use the word raised as this was not the upbringing I had the privilege of receiving…

This week I was challenged by my coach to practice interview techniques in the mirror. At the time of writing this article, sits a mirror, me and my reflection. All three stare at each other in judgemental silence. Not a word or visible attempt, as if the interview did not start 20 minutes ago. Apart from curious staring and 4th wall breaking smiles, time carries on and, we sit waiting for a sound.

I find it funny that our phone blocks our face as we write this piece confirming the censorship of ourselves. But as we sit in silence, we feel something. The weight of our own body as it rocks slightly back and forth. The muscles in our face, the air and the area surrounding us, a feeling of both angst and knowing we will have to come back to this to say hello.

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I’m conflicted.

On the one hand, LinkedIn is great for networking and job searching, but on the other hand, LinkedIn is a social network. Many times I have tried to commit coming off social media as it seems like the healthy thing to do. However, during a time of the pandemic, Brexit and social movements, it’s tough not to be on it.

It is a known fact social media has caused a rise in depression, instant gratification and addiction. After going down the rabbit hole of why we should be more aware of how to use social media, what data…

A excited man in a red sweater with his fists in the air in from of a blue brick wall.
A excited man in a red sweater with his fists in the air in from of a blue brick wall.
Unsplash photo by Bruce mars.

Congratulations, well done you. I shake you warmly by the hand.

But wait…this is your first real client.

Not to worry my intrepid friend, I remember not knowing what my first brief was asking of me. I looked at my team for some guidance. They were just as confused as I was, so here are four things I learned from my first client.

Lesson one: Don’t fear the brief.

Read and reread the brief, pop lids off highlighters, learn some fancy new corporate jargon, but don’t fear the brief. It’s there to guide you in a starting direction. Use this time to understand what problem your…

A neon sign that reads the journey is on
A neon sign that reads the journey is on

Let me bring you into a secret. Nailing down a career path is hard. Who would’ve thought working in the family chain restaurant Frankie and Bennys gave me more enjoyment than studying for a dream film degree. As of now my time at Frankie and Benny’s has come to an end. I am now a UI/UX designer.

Let me be clear though, this article is not about how to improve your UI or UX skills, nor is this article about how to get into UI or UX. …

Mark Robinson

Anecdotes from a mischievous mind.

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